Buick Motor Division is a division of General Motors Corporation. Its headquarters are in Flint.

In 1902, David Buick founded the automobile company Buick Motor Car Company, having invested 100 thousand dollars received from the sale of his former enterprise.

The first car designed by its founder, the company released in 1903. Asking for financial support from W. Durant and J. Whiting, a talented engineer, but worthless businessman Buick gradually let his company out of his hands. Until 1908, he remained a member of the board of directors. The company was one of the first to join General Motors, in 1908, but remained a separate division.

Successful design of the “Buick” drew the attention of American buyers and by 1908 more than 8 thousand cars of this brand were sold. In the same year, the production of the model 10 with a 4-cylinder engine began, which gained wide popularity.

In 1925, the company began installing 6-cylinder engines on its cars. Quite common this year was the Model 25 – an open body of “tourist” type on Standard Six chassis.

The very first ever car called “Rodmaster” in its open (Faeton, mod. 87C) and closed (sedan, mod. 81) versions was released in 1936. Since that year, each series of Buick cars had its own name in addition to the number plate. Since that year, each series of Buick trucks had its own name in addition to the number designation: 40 – Spacehl, 60 – Century, 80 – Rodmaster and 90 – Limited.

The postwar Buick (1946) was based on the newest pre-war body and differed from the 1942 models mainly due to the radiator linings and simplified side panels. However, there was also a new overtype emblem – “bomb in the ring”: from it you could recognize the postwar model at a glance.

Since 1954, every 2-3 years the Buick range was updated until 1961.

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