The Cadillac was founded in 1902, at the dawn of the twentieth century. Its founder, Henry Leland, chief mechanic and entrepreneur, named the company after his ancestor, the founder of Detroit – Antoine de Lamot-Cadillac. Mostly sold in the United States and Canada.

The Cadillac currently uses the slogan: “Life, freedom and desire”, in connection with the inalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Since 1909, the Cadillac car brand belongs to General Motors.

In the six years before that, the Cadillac laid the foundations of modern mass production of cars, demonstrating the complete interchangeability of their exact parts and established itself as the very first brand of American high-end cars.

It was also inspired by the company’s logo, which was based on the coat of arms of A. Cadillac. “The Cadillac has developed many automotive devices and fixtures, including a complete electrical system, a shockless manual transmission and a steel roof.

Three engines were developed under the Cadillac brand, one of which (V8 engine) set the standard for the American auto industry.

As a result, the Cadillac was the first American car to win the prestigious Dewar Trophy race against the Royal Automobile Club of Great Britain and put forward the slogan “Standard for the World”.

Cadillac CT5VBlackwing 2022

介绍: Cadillac CT5VBlackwing 2022 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 谢谢各位的支持 作者:黄h(835913562) ---------------------------------------------------------------- 模型来源:CSR2 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 特点: - 精致的内饰 - 高度还原的数字仪表 - 高清后视镜 - 真实车辆声音 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 安装教程: 1:将ct5v文件夹放进X:\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks ...

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