GTA London 1961 & 1969

GTA moves to Europe, London the patch become game! The action moves to GTA London 1969. In this expansion of GTA London instead of running from one gang boss to another, you have to buy and sell stolen cars, take possession of the crown jewels and even you have to put yourself in the shoes of the greatest English spy, Bond, James Bond. London can be yours, but while betrayal and brutality take over your world, you will have to keep your head on your shoulders, continue to earn money and drive fantastic vehicles or you will end up badly. You're playing with the big boys now and we haven't had lunch yet. So, man, there's only one question: do you want to be one of us or do you want to be our lunch? Stop playing with tetris and stop wasting our time, okay? Welcome to the biggest city in the world. It's London, the home of the queen and many other important people. To sum up, we are in the early 70's, GTA London is already ready to meet the needs of international visitors. Yes, sir!