GTA San Andreas Mobile

Rockstar Games presents its biggest game on mobile devices: GTA San Andreas Mobile. You can look anywhere in the huge open world - the whole state of San Andreas, represented by its three main cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. The game's graphics have been improved and its approximate duration is 70 hours. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile - allows the user to continue to play in the amazing world of alternative reality. In this part, the story unfolds five years after the escape of Karl Johnson from the fictional metropolis of Los Santos. This city has become dangerous to live in because of an incredible number of drug dealers, corruption, constant street battles and gangsters. Millionaires and famous movie stars who live in high-end neighborhoods are trying to pretend that everything is okay. In GTA San Andreas Mobile You will have no problem taking possession of another person's car or motorcycle, you will be able to perform tasks of a policeman, medic and firefighter while in their vehicles, you will be able to participate in street fights, punches, kicks and handicrafts, as well as use weapons obtained from tasks bought in shops or selected by gangsters and policemen. GTA San Andreas Mobile for Android is optimized for weak and strong devices. Going into the settings of the display you can adjust the screen resolution, turn on or off the shadows, change the detail of machines, change the quality of special effects. Setting up the Russian language is very simple, just go to the localization settings and select the desired language.

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