On 27 November 1906, the famous racer Vincenzo Liancia, together with his partner Claudio Fojolin, founded the company Fabbrica Automobili Lancia in Turin. A year later, on September 23rd, the first car under the brand name “Lancia” drove out of the factory gates.

It was the model 18-24 HP. Later, on the advice of his older brother, he began calling his cars letters of the Greek alphabet. Naturally, the first model was named Alpha.

In 1908, the Dialpha model with a six-cylinder engine was made on the Alpha base. In 1913, the Theta model was presented. This model was the first to be equipped with electric lighting (other manufacturers offered it as an option). Also Theta was remembered as a very reliable car.

During the First World War, “Lianch” became a military enterprise and went on to produce trucks and armored vehicles. During this period, new engines were developed: 8- and 12-cylinder.

After the war, the factory area was already 60000 m². Production of the new Kappa model was started. In 1921, the world’s first car with a load-bearing body drove out of the factory gates.

It was a Lambda model. In addition to the supporting body, it also had an independent suspension. The car was produced from 1921 to 1931.

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