After building a few fine-tuned Austin Seven in his garage and selling them, Chapman decided to go into serious business and in 1952 founded the company Lotus Engineering, which is located in a suburb of London, and in 1955 – Lotus Cars, which was not part of the first.

The first cars of the original development under the brand name Lotus were lightweight two-seater roadsters models Mark 6 and Mark 7, which were purchased to participate in competitions.

The Model 7 had a steady demand and was present in the range until 1973, when Chapman sold the rights to its production to Caterham. To finance its racing program, the company needed a larger revenue stream, and for this purpose its first road car, a GRP coupe Elite, was launched on the market in 1958.

Originally it was supposed to be fitted with an original engine, but due to damp construction preference was given to the Coventry Climax unit. The car has earned the reputation of fast and maneuverable on the one hand, and very unreliable on the other.

Among the significant drawbacks was also increased noise and vibration levels. Like the roadster 7, the Elite could be bought at a better price in the form of a whale car, so it was unprofitable. In 1959, Group Lotus merged its road and sports car divisions into one company.

Team Lotus, which participates in Formula 1, remained independent until it was disbanded in 1995. The combined company moved into a new building…

Lotus Evija 2020 [Add-On]

============================================== Lotus Evija 2020 ============================================== Base Model: CSR 2 (.CSB Gamemodels) Full editing and conversion by: iKX3 Mods Screenshots: iKx3 ============================================== -HQ exterior , interior ...

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