Wiesmann is a German manufacturer of luxury cars. Its headquarters are in Dülmen. The company was founded in 1985 and is named after its creators – Friedhelm and Martin Wiesmann.

The Wiesmann logo depicts a gecko because Wiesmann cars “stick to the road just like geckoes to walls”.

The company was originally involved in the construction of hard roofs for convertible cars, which it continues to do today. The company’s first roadster was completed in 1993.

By 2006 the company produced three models – roadsters Wiesmann MF 3 and MF 30 and coupe Wiesmann MF 4. All these models were combined with BMW engines and gearboxes.

The company produces only about 50 cars a year, and in order to buy them, you need to sign up for six months. The only representative in Russia is the Moscow company MT-Motors.

The last novelty of the company became Wiesmann GT MF5, officially presented in 2007 in Frankfurt at the IAA exhibition.