The company was founded in 1924 by engineer and businessman Walter Percy Chrysler through the reorganization of Maxwell Motor (which in turn absorbed Chalmers Motor, founded in 1908) and Willis Overland. In 1924, the first 6-cylinder Chrysler was also released.

Very successful was the purchase of Dodge company in 1928, which immediately brought the Chrysler into the ranks of the leading American car companies. The same year, the brands Plymouth and DeSoto were launched.

In 1955, the Chrysler Imperial lineup stands out as a separate line “Imperial”.

The company actively starts to buy up the European auto enterprises: in 1963 buys 40 % of shares of Spanish company Barreiros Diesel (“Barreiros Diesel”), in 1964 – 30 % of shares of the British automobile consortium Rootes Group (“Ruts Group”), in 1966-67 – about 80 % of shares of French firm “Simka”.

These firms are known respectively as Chrysler Espagna, Chrysler United Kingdom Kingdom, Chrysler France and later merged into a single car center Chrysler in Europe.

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